What is lifelong learning?

Are you wondering what lifelong learning is? Have you heard about it and want to learn more? In this article, we have summarized the characteristics, methods, and techniques of lifelong learning and introduced how lifelong learning can benefit you.

Many of you have already encountered this concept, while some may still find it unfamiliar. In short, lifelong learning is an activity and process, a voluntary and self-motivated desire of an individual to learn, which can arise for various reasons, such as changing jobs, increasing general knowledge, participating in competitions, seeking knowledge needed for daily life, etc. Learning can take place through formal or informal paths and occasionally, meaning we can attend education, courses, internships, or learn at home, self-initiated, by browsing the internet, reading, listening to audio texts, with a mentor, etc. Education takes place in various learning environments from birth to death. During the process, we acquire personality traits, interests, build values, and attitudes towards ourselves and others.

Goals of Lifelong Learning:

The goals of lifelong learning are to strengthen an individual’s awareness of oneself, one’s knowledge, and role in life, to build on existing knowledge, develop psychological and motor skills, and develop a positive attitude towards learning. Many people still believe that additional education in life will not benefit them or they do not find time for it or do not prioritize it. Perhaps because they have not found the right education that suits their needs and abilities, or because they are unaware of how beneficial lifelong learning is, as it can make us flourish in all areas of life and thus contribute to our society’s faster and better development.

There are many development projects, programs, and activities that are important for implementing the lifelong learning strategy. These include study circles, self-study centers, project learning for young people, knowledge exchanges, regional educational centers, training, development of information and counseling services, and the establishment of inter-company educational centers.

Changing Times:

As times change and we must increasingly adapt to the conditions of today, more and more people are opting for lifelong learning, but many simply do not find time for it. Here are jobs, children, housework, and then we are expected to exercise, sleep 8 hours, eat healthily, and find time for friends. Suddenly, there’s simply too much!

A Great Idea:

So it’s a great idea to combine learning with another activity, such as driving to and from work or cleaning the apartment. How is this possible? First, we take some time to get articles, news, professional literature, whatever interests us. Then we use Bralko, which will read all the material to us while we do our work. This way, we save time that we would otherwise spend sitting at a desk or tablet and reading. If you think that the information will go in one ear and out the other, let me reassure you that people can also learn subconsciously. You know when you remember that you’ve heard something somewhere, but you can’t remember where and when? That’s because your brain was occupied with something else at the time, but subconsciously still heard the information, which it has now pulled out. This is how subconscious learning works, and the more you hear a text, the more you will remember and pull out when browsing through memory. This type of learning is best for people who live an active life and don’t have much free time. With the help of Bralko, we eliminate the excuse of lack of time for learning, and we can learn anywhere and anytime, we just need a phone or tablet or computer. Think about how much you could read while driving to work! This is definitely a better idea than listening to the same music on the radio stations. Besides, your drive would go by faster. Maybe you start the app while cooking, cleaning, at the gym, running. It’s also useful for reading recipes, as you can set the reading speed as you like, and you save a messy screen from browsing your phone while kneading dough or marinating meat.

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